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Q: What’s the cardio equipment like?

A: There’s a wide variety of cardio equipment at the gym, treadmills, bikes, rowers, cross trainers and steppers mean that you can vary your workouts each time to prevent boredom. What’s even better is they’re all dead easy to use. However, if you’re unsure just ask a member of staff to assist you.


Q: What changing facilities do you have?

A: There’s a men’s and women’s changing rooms available with showers, toilets, lockers, sinks and hairdryers.


Q: Are you covid safe?

A: The leisure centre is fully covid safe, equipment is to be wiped down after use and there is plenty of hand sanitiser distributed throughout the gym for you to keep safe.

Q: Can I look around the gym before I decide to join?

A: Absolutely! Ask reception for a tour of the leisure centre and feel free to ask any questions on the way!


Q: What’s the minimum age I need to be to join?

A: 13 with an adult in the building and 16 on your own.

Q: Do I need a gym induction?

A: We offer gym inductions to all new members, if you already feel confident in your ability then you can skip this step.


Q: How do I login when I enter the gym, and do I need to log out?

A: Login using the screen at reception using your 6-digit date of birth e.g., 020700 for the 2nd July 2000. You do not need to log out.

Q: I’ve forgotten something at the gym, what should I do?

A: Don’t worry! Just give us a call and we can retrieve it for you and keep it safe for when you next come to visit us!

Q: Do you offer any personal training?

A: There are multiple personal trainers at Clitheroe Leisure, all of which are keen to help you with your fitness journey and ensure you put your best foot forward in regards to training and nutrition.

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